Using mobile phone is easy but it is making us less active


Everybody most commonly uses mobile phones and the rapidly evolving gadget has altered people’s lifestyles. It allows them to connect to other people instantly and easily. In this people are able to stay in touch with everyone anywhere and anytime.

People are relying on their mobile to do things such as online banking, Internet shopping, paying your bills and many more things, therefore people don’t need to leave the house. Also with the ability to send messages people have become too lazy to get up to talk to someone in the next room.

Life is more convenient but in the process its taking away people’s efficiency to do anything. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity shows that frequent cellphone users were more likely to forgo or pause their physical exercise and scored lower on fitness assessments than peers who used mobile phones less often.

Thus people are becoming less active with each passing day and falling into the trap of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Which could disrupt physical activity and reduce cardiorespiratory fitness and excessive weight gain.

In a study, mobile phone users were divided into three categories, with the greatest users being those who clocked in more than 14 hours a day on their phones. Heavy users were found to be more inclined towards sedentary behaviour and a physical check also revealed that they had lower levels of cardiorespiratory fitness than those who used their phones less.


8 thoughts on “Using mobile phone is easy but it is making us less active

  1. Hi Nistha, i agree with you. We have become more and more attached to our mobile phones, because the technology offers us so much at our disposal. Your blog has made great points. And i can definitely see in each sub claim how technology is killing the art of conversation. Today’s generation are definitely more inclined to sit behind here gadgets and communicate rather than talk to someone face to face. I enjoyed your blog :).

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  2. I think this is a well-informed opinion piece on the issue. Your argument and opinion is very clear and I though you raised some good points. I like how you have presented the statistics in a very clear way where the reader can easily follow and the points flow together well.

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  4. Hi, Nistha!
    I really enjoyed reading your topic, and some of the links were very useful and interesting as well. I agree with you, especially with your statement about people being distracted from the conversation with a partner. My friend always chatting by her phone, writes to somebody or checks emails and messages. And when I’m telling her something, she is like “What did you said?”, because she just doesn’t pay any attention to what I’m saying. That’s pretty said that mobile phones and other gadgets make people less communicative, be “out of reality” as well as caused driver distraction and lead to road accidents. Thank you for discussion!

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