Moblie phones are becoming harmful to our health

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There have been numerous studies on how mobile phone can affect our health. It has been shown that by having it in front of you while two or more people are talking face-to-face can generate negative feelings towards the person who has their device visible. When people use their mobile it can often have detrimental effects on their stress levels.

This is because of the repetitive ringing and vibrating alerts. University of Essex in the United Kingdom found, using your mobile phone frequently, associates with stress and sleep disturbances for women. Whereas for men its sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression. This shows how they are affecting our health.

People are not aware that their mobile phones can harbor germs more than those found on a toilet seat. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has sampled 390 cell phones and found that 92% of the cellphone had bacteria on them. 16% of them had E. Coli bacteria. Also Mobile phones tend to be smaller which means you are more likely to squint and strain your eyes while reading messages which can lead to future vision problems.


2 thoughts on “Moblie phones are becoming harmful to our health

  1. Hi,

    Reading this post I understood that cell phones would cause a lot of stress on people for multiple reasons like you have stated, however it disgusted me to hear how dirty our cell phones are. Obviously people these days are bound to use a mobile device everyday and a lot throughout each day so they are bound to have bacteria on them. But seeing your statistics on just how dirty makes me cringe, especially that 16% of cell phones carry E.Coli bacteria. This post has definitely made me want to clean mine more often now.

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  2. Hey Nistha,

    Just like Savannah, i’m disgusted at how dirty cellphones can be! Really disgusted! Wow, I will clean my phone more often and keep it away from other people. Thanks, I guess, the eye-opening figures! And I understand that how one can generate negative feelings because I am often the person who gets angry! Great work!


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