Creating less personal connections

Sub-Claim 1

People are using their mobile phones to communicate with one another on a daily basis. This is becoming more popular than face-to-face communication. Places such as cafes and public transport are filled with people, engaging with their phones rather than talking to each other. It is easier and less confrontational to text or talk to someone rather than speaking to him or her in person. However this is causing people to misunderstand the whole story of a conversation and not getting details such as body language and facial expression that we would see in face-to-face conversation.

In a study of 34 different pairs of strangers were asked to discuss trivial topics and while others were asked to discuss significant events that occurred in their life. The results of the study showed people who spoke about significant events in their lives with a notebook present experienced a feeling of closeness, unlike those with a cell phone. From these results it shows that the presence of mobile phones can interfere with human relationships, an effect that is most clear when individuals are discussing personally meaningful topics.

Mobile phones are affecting personal relationships by their presence even when they aren’t being used. In a study it showed that if a mobile were visible during a conversation then it would cause people to feel less positive towards the person with whom they are chatting. Essex University Psychologists found that mobiles phones could have negative effects on closeness, connection, and conversation quality.


One thought on “Creating less personal connections

  1. Hi,

    I agree with your point that people think is is less confrontational and easier to talk through mobile devices rather than face to face, however this is causing people to misunderstand the whole story of a conversation and not get detail such as body language and facial expression like we see in face to face conversation. I like your ideas in the first paragraph however a link could be helpful. Your second paragraph is good to see a study that backs up your claim and that the public agrees when cell phones are present in conversation they don’t feel a closeness like when talking without using technology. In your last paragraph you have talked about a study by Psychologists at Essex University, however you haven’t included a link so I am unable to see their research. I think you should include this as it will help back you claim more!

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