Lot of people are being distracted by their mobile phones

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The use of mobile phones is making people become distracted with their daily tasks, which is creating problems for themselves and others around them.

Using a mobile phone to create, send, or read a text message while driving is distracting people. In most countries using your mobile phone is banned but people are still continuing to use their mobile phones when they are driving. In New Zealand more than 1100 drivers on average were ticketed every month last year for using their phones, up from an average of 684 a month in 2010. This is unexpected, since the law had changed near the end of 2009. The Herald found that 33 people were talking and 16 were texting or reading their phones as drivers travelled along an 80km/h stretch of road. This shows that mobiles are causing driver distraction, even though the laws are in place.

People are using their mobiles even while walking, which is causing them to be distracted and unaware of their surroundings which may lead to accidents. A 2010 study of accident analysis and prevention in the U.S. revealed that over 1,500 pedestrians were treated because of mobile phone use while walking. This is quite a large number of pedestrians considering it can be avoided.

These days using a mobile phone to communicate with one another whilst at school is distracting students. This can also distract other students from their learning, because of the sound of the ringtone, vibration and the screen light. A study shows students using their mobile phone, is having an effect on their final grades. The research shows  a drop of 0.36 0.08 on a 4-point scale where 4.0 = A. This indicates that students using their phone might create problems for their learning, as they would miss important information. Fulbright PhD professor found that a student might claim he’s only hurting his education while texting but others are also being affected.

2 thoughts on “Lot of people are being distracted by their mobile phones

  1. love love love this topic you have chosen. more so love the fact that you have based it on how prone we have become to always having our phones on us at all times. Once upon a time it was cool to just go hang with your friends outside and talk like normal face to face, but nowadays it seems like we would rather just discuss these little things over the phone rather than the real human interaction. awesome facts that you’ve included and it’s so cool to see considering this is what we experience everyday. especially while the lecturer is talking and your friends feel a sudden vibration, next thing you know they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook

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  2. Hi,

    It’s good that you have included links in every paragraph and shown me information such as research, stats etc for each point in this post. I agree that people definitely get distracted by their mobile phones and that people still use them while driving even though it is banned today. It is crazy to think that it used to be legal and looking at the statistics of how many people were pulled over every month in one year is a huge amount, and obviously it would have been so much more when there was no ban which is scary to think as cell phones while driving causes too many accidents.

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