Post 1. Claim/Main Argument

The Negative Effects of Using Mobile Phones

Post 2, 3 & 4. Sub-Claims – Evidence + Warrant

  • Less personal connection = friendship, personal relation
  • Becoming distracted = while driving, walking and studying
  • Harmful to Health = increases stress level, creating disease from bacteria and causing problems with vision

Post 5. Counter Claim + Rebuttal

Even though using mobile phone is easier and more convenient. However, there are negatives to using it as it’s making us less active.

Post 6. Conclusion

The use of mobile phone is causing negative effects, as we are less interacting with each other, getting distracted and affecting people’s health.


One thought on “Plan

  1. Hi,

    Good argument topic, it will be interesting to see how you back up your claims especially when talking about social isolation as some say technology is helping people with that and also helping with different dynamics in conversation. However yes I agree with you, just make sure you find the right research and stats that show it has more negative rather than positive impact. Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts !


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